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  • Real treasures for your abode

    Start your artisan collections now! Why You should Start Collecting Artisanal Products for your Home Artisanal products add more sense of authenticity and artistry to your home. From hand-woven textiles to potteries with elaborate designs, artisan elements make your home a lot more personal, alive, and interesting. They are not like those mass-produced furnishings and decorations whose styles are too common and ordinary. If you want to give your space a unique identity that reflects who you are as a person, it is definitely artisan products that you should go for. Here are some of the best reasons you should consider collecting artisan home products. You promote green and sustainable living Artisan goods tend to be eco-friendlier and more sustainable than products manufactured in factories in large quantities. Many artisans use natural and locally sourced materials, with others even focusing on recycled and reclaimed materials. This means you don’t just get pretty stuff; you also help save the planet. You get a purchase with higher value When something is considered an authentic work of art, it tends to have much higher perceived value. Other than the items being one-of-a-kind, they are also a way for people to express their individuality. All the great qualities of these products not only create a more solid perception of value but also a much better overall value. You support local workers and communities Buying artisan products lets you support local artists and businesses. Local independent brands producing handmade products tend to return more revenue to their locality. This means that by extension, you are also contributing to the growth of local communities and industries. You simply get the better stuff Almost everything that is handcrafted is just way better than machine-generated ones. The popularity of artisan products is not just due to the level of craftsmanship put to every piece, but also the quality of the material and design. They are typically made with love and passion, and it shows! Artisanal goods can be more than just home accents and lifestyle expressions; they are true home treasures that you can be proud to have and keep. By purchasing them, you are able to support local, help save the planet, and invest in great valuable pieces on top of getting something pretty and unique for your home. Explore more of our artisanal product here.

  • Picture-perfect Vases

    Skillfully put a vase in a space and see magic Transforming Spaces with Decorative Vases As more and more people prefer modern design elements in their home interiors, the good old decors tend to be growing less and less popular. One good example is vases. These delicate pieces have been in our homes for centuries and we have seen how our grandmothers care for and adore them. It is sad how the modern minimalist and contemporary style trends tend to cast these wonderful pieces aside. They have been replaced by metal sculptures, pop artworks, and many other types of “newer” decors. In reality, vases are the unsung heroes of interior design. They come in virtually all shapes, sizes, colors, textures, and materials. They add style and character to any table, countertop, or just about any space. Vases are truly wonderful design elements that you should not sleep on. Here are some ideas and tips on decorating your home with vases. Display as bold accents Add a pop of color on a boring front door by using a large bright colored vase. The boldness and sheer size of it will serve as a cheerful welcome sign to family and guests. How about putting twin vases on both sides of the door? Spice up your stair landing Your stair’s landing is another prime spot for an accent. A trio of elegant wooden vases of different heights, for instance, can add more drama to a modern staircase. Consider matching them with some lush indoor plants. Perk up a lonely corner Large vases can turn a plain corner into a focal point. You can decorate it with simple twigs or hang an artwork on top to make the area look more interesting. Just a tip: those old clay pots with distressed look will never fail you! Liven up the mantle Awkward mantles deserve some sprucing up. And what better way to do it than placing a group of vases! You can go for vases of different tones or sizes and match them with some fresh flowers or maybe family photos. Mix it with some greeneries Vases are not just for blooms. Green foliage and stems also look great on them. Clear vases, for instance, are perfect for decorative green leaves. They look clean and work well as accents on tables and hallways. These are only some of the thousands of ways to decorate with vases. The next time you shop for vases, get good pieces that you can easily mix and match with other decors you have at home. Also, don’t just focus on aesthetics; find pieces of good quality so they can last for a long time. Lastly, go for classic vase shapes and designs for they don’t go out of style. Visit our collection of vases here.

  • How to make the Perfect “New Normal” Home Workstation

    Make the best home workstation for the new normal The new normal is upon us and many workers are adjusting to their work-from-home arrangements. The changes and adjustments brought about by the coronavirus pandemic have been causing stress to many of them. The good news is there are many ways for home-based workers to embrace the new normal without letting stress get in the way. A good way to start is by setting up an efficient home workstation, which is as easy as N-O-R-M-A-L. Here are some tips and tricks on how to make your work station ready for the new normal. Nab the best spot Start by finding the best room or area to set up your workstation. Even if you already have a home office, consider choosing an ideal area to place your desk or table. Go for a spot that is quiet and far from distractions. Optimize the space To make the area conducive for work, set up proper lighting and ventilation. Natural light typically works best, but if you need artificial lighting, make sure the brightness is just enough to prevent eye fatigue. For ventilation, nothing beats fresh outdoor air so open that window! Ready your furniture Find a desk or table with enough space for your computer, phone, and other essential office supplies. Match it with an ergonomic chair so you can sit comfortably and prevent strain. Try workstation tools like monitor mount, laptop riser, and external keyboard and mouse for your convenience. Manage your mess Remove all sorts of clutter and unimportant stuff from your workstation. Use storage such as small drawers to keep unessential belongings out of sight. Place a bin nearby for your trash. Arrange your paperwork Virtual work setup does not always mean a paperless workstation. Organize your papers according to use and importance. Use a tray for files that you would use for the day and keep the others on folders or envelopes. Label you stuff Labels help you save time and energy when finding something from your computer files or file drawers. Give your computer files clear and detailed filenames and sort them into properly labeled folders. Same applies with your physical files. Consider labeling drawers as well so you can access things quick. Making the perfect home workstation for the new normal is easier when you consider your needs and focus on how you can stay productive. Just remember N-O-R-M-A-L and you will be able to make your workstation as conducive and efficient as possible. A positive work-from-home experience starts with a great workstation setup so keep the above-mentioned tips in mind.

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  • Kam Rooster

    Home / Sculptural Art / Kam Rooster < Prev Next > Sustainability Art Kam Rooster BUY THIS ARTWORK DETAILS Material/Medium: ​ Size (LxBxH): 30 + 18.5 cm x 26.5 cm Artist: Peter Brown NEED HELP ? Call (65) 6546 4133 Contact an Expert DESCRIPTION An artwork the relives the “kampung spirit”, which refers to the sense of community, togetherness, and mutual support that is often associated with traditional village life in Southeast Asia, particularly in countries like Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia. The term "kampung" itself means village or rural community in Malay. Kam Rooster is the “togetherness” of different glass offcuts with different colors that then project an image of a village rooster. The artwork longs to be a reminder of various values and behaviors that promote social cohesion and harmony within a community. DETAILS Material/Medium: ​ Size (LxBxH): Artist: 30 + 18.5 cm x 26.5 cm Peter Brown RETURNS We accept returns within 7 days of delivery if the item reaches you in damaged condition. SHIPPING Shipping costs are extra, and will be calculated based on the shipping address. YOU MAY ALSO LIKE Jazzy Bird VIEW Man of Sorrow VIEW

  • Jazzy Bird

    Home / Sculptural Art / Jazzy Bird < Prev Next > Sustainability Art Jazzy Bird BUY THIS ARTWORK DETAILS Material/Medium: ​ Size (LxBxH): 29.5 cm x 36 cm Artist: Peter Brown NEED HELP ? Call (65) 6546 4133 Contact an Expert DESCRIPTION The piece depicts a charming bird, seemingly bursting a jazzy melody. The artist's use of vivid palette of blues, yellows, and reds makes up the lively and playful character of the artwork. Jazzy Bird projects sense of movement and energy, evoking a sense of joy and spontaneity. DETAILS Material/Medium: ​ Size (LxBxH): Artist: 29.5 cm x 36 cm Peter Brown RETURNS We accept returns within 7 days of delivery if the item reaches you in damaged condition. SHIPPING Shipping costs are extra, and will be calculated based on the shipping address. YOU MAY ALSO LIKE Man of Sorrow VIEW Kam Rooster VIEW

  • Stained Glass 01

    Home / Sculptural Art / Stained Glass 01 < Prev Next > ​ Stained Glass 01 ENQUIRE NOW DETAILS Material/Medium: ​ Size (LxBxH): ​ Artist: Peter Brown NEED HELP ? Call (65) 6546 4133 Contact an Expert DESCRIPTION ​ DETAILS Material/Medium: ​ Size (LxBxH): Artist: ​ Peter Brown RETURNS We accept returns within 7 days of delivery if the item reaches you in damaged condition. SHIPPING Shipping costs are extra, and will be calculated based on the shipping address. YOU MAY ALSO LIKE Trinity Christian Centre VIEW Soaring VIEW Think, Think, Think! VIEW

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