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It has always been our desire to transform spaces with the beauty of glass and art; to bring the best of the functionality of the medium and the richness of art into your lives.


We went beyond Synergraphic Design's B2B sphere, to converse and commune with you in the vast world of glass through ArtéGlas.

In this site, you will find two broad strokes: an amazing collection of treasures made by various artists and artisans from various parts of the world, spanning three decades, including some very antique pieces that we love; and also, new and contemporary designs and art pieces.

Since 1986, Synergraphic Design has remained faithful to the medium of glass, its beautiful artistry, and our artisanal approach. We continually enjoy our pursuit to create synergy of all things beautiful. We believe in the limitless possibilities of glass, the liberty to create with art, and the conveyance of our unrivalled passion and expertise. Through ArteGlas, we make the beauty of glass art more accessible to living spaces.

“Glass is captivating. It is alive in the way that you can control its transparency, reflectivity and form”. 

- Florence Ng, Founder & Creative Director

“The craftsmanship, design and unique blend of techniques used in our pieces are what sets us apart. Each ArtéGlas piece has a story to tell, with most crafted by a highly-skilled artisan in our workshop here in Singapore.”

- Sara Ang, Director

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