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For everyone on your list

Updated: Oct 30, 2020

Unique Christmas gift ideas for the homes of everyone on your list

Choosing a Christmas gift for the homes of friends and family could be challenging. As they say, give something you know the person would like, but probably wouldn’t buy. Or at least, make it unique and you’ll come off as thoughtful.

But we don’t have time for overthinking! So, here are unique home stuff Christmas gift ideas that may give you a lightbulb!


Wall Décor for the artsy

Who wouldn't want an eye-catching wall decor? It effortlessly brings life to any room. You just need to be a bit careful when choosing a style. It has to be classic and neutral for it to go well with whatever interior or house design there is. You can also go for something modern such as a chic black-and-white photography prints, metal wall art, or colorful canvas art prints for a contemporary look.

Another thing to consider when giving wall decors is how easy it is to hang. If you want to be certain it wouldn't damage the wall, choose vinyl wall decals. For best results, take some time to look around your friend’s home before buying. You may even combine different types of wall art for variety.


Chandelier for mom

Thinking of something your mom would love? Skip the bouquet and give her a chandelier. Even her guests would love it! These timeless, ornate pieces of art add elegance and class to any room. Knowing your mom, choosing a chandelier she’d like would be easy once you see the options.


Vases for the women

More than holding fresh flowers, vases always add a pop of colour or texture to any home design. If you want, you can place a candle inside a wide-top vase for an elegant candleholder. Or, fill a clear glass vase with decorative holiday elements such as berries or pinecones before you give your gift. A small vase is good for decorating any type of shelving. It also makes a perfect focal point when grouped with smaller accents in acentrepiece design. For more height, add dried flowers like lavender. It is going to be perfect for a crisp, wintery home decor gift.


This article may be unable to cover everyone on your list, but just enough to get you started with your Christmas shopping. You can no longer say ‘it’s the thought that counts.’ Excellent home decor ideas would surely add a touch of style to your family and friends’ abodes for years to come. They’d also remember you every time they look at it!

Check out our Christmas Gifting Specials and get started with your holiday shopping now!

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